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Focus on Staff Health & Wellbeing

Speedclad's Wellbeing Strategy for 2020 has kicked off with 3 'Health MOT' days at our office premises, providing optional health checks for all our staff from a professional health assessor. 

The Health MOTs include a one-to-one lifestyle review, plus a range of indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and BMI, and give each employee a personalised report and recommendations; a great baseline for those New Year Resolutions! Speedclad's Wellbeing Strategy focuses on our '4 Ways to Wellbeing' - Connect, Know, Thrive and Give, outlined below. These health checks are part of the provisions under 'Thrive'. The varied provisions across the strategy are aimed at meeting the health and wellbeing needs of our employees, to enhance the working experience and promote enjoyable employment.

4 Ways to Wellbeing

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