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Rainscreen Cladding

A diverse range of Rainscreen Cladding systems for bespoke fa├žade solutions

Rainscreen Cladding

These systems are normally installed on SFS, concrete, blockwork, or increasingly, onto thermally efficient structural insulated panel systems. Systems incorporated into our designs include, but are not limited to:

  • Stone Cladding:
    • Natural stone cladding systems
    • Lightweight natural stone cladding (suitable for over-cladding curtain walling)
    • Granite cladding
    • Ceramic granite cladding
  • Metal Rainscreen Systems:
    • PPC aluminium
    • Pre-coated aluminium
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Bronze
    • Corten
    • Architectural mesh
  • Terracotta Cladding Systems:
    • Special baguettes
    • Glazed systems
    • Longspan systems
  • Flat Panel Cladding Systems:
    • High pressure laminates
    • Fibre Cement Systems
    • Rock Panel Systems
  • Timber Cladding Systems:
    • Frake
    • Oak
    • Cedar

Our design team is highly experienced in the technical requirements associated with all forms of Rainscreen Cladding and has a proven track record in achieving and surpassing original specifications for U-Values, acoustic performances and aesthetic demands. We operate a robust design risk management system and maintain close relationships with manufacturers to access the latest in R&D advances.

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Featured Projects

Chamberlain Hall Student Residences Design, supply and installation of copper and perforated copper rainscreen cladding, oak cladding, ceramic terracotta rainscreen and SFS

Erneley Close Retrofit
Design, supply and installation of Rockpanel colour-change rainscreen and Gebrik brick cladding

St. Christopher's RC Sixth Form
Design, supply and installation
of an anodised look rainscreen and hardwood cladding.

Durham Police Headquarters
Design, supply and installation
of an engineered stone 
claddin system and